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27.03.2013, WHO meeting on Buruli ulcer control and research 25–27 March 2013, WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

On 25-27 March 2013, the WHO held its meeting on Buruli Ulcer (BU) at its Geneva Headquaters in Switzerland. Scientists from all over the world participated in the convention, discussing the latest developments in BU control and research. The control sessions was divided into different subject areas and featured presentations on the epidemiological situation in endemic countries, on antibiotics and on paradoxical reactions related to antibiotic treatment as well as on clinical trials. Furthermore surveillance, BU and co-infections with a specific focus on HIV, molecular diagnosis and confirmation as well as prevention of disability, wound management and surgery were discussed. Another focus was laid on the aspect of training and emphasized the need for training for social and health workers in the field of BU disease.

The topics environment and transmission - whereby promising methods for Mycobacterium ulcerans cultivation from environmental samples were reported - diagnostics, pathogenesis and host response as well as vaccines and treatment were covered in the research sessions.

In addition to the oral presentations, a poster session with posters on different aspects of BU disease was held. The meeting ended with the experts’ conclusions and recommendations for the control of BU.

The next WHO meeting on BU control and research will take place in Geneva, Switzerland in in March 2015.

Download the Recommendations for control of Buruli Ulcer